Desert Sand

Desert  Sand

The effect created by a sense of blown sand in the paint is a definition of elegance, making the paint appear natural. A touch of class and style is realised by the use of pearly reflections superimposed by the use of the bespoke colours of the paint.

It is perfect for living rooms and areas, corridors as well as conference rooms, hotels and restaurants. With its original and fine texture, it will be a unique decoration of each room.

The paint is available in a palette of ready colours and as a base to be dyed using apropriate colorants.

This textured paint is used to obtain creative decorative effects. Surface coated with the paint glitter with pearly reflections in the light and create a three-dimensional effect of depth. Perfect visual effects are obtained both in artificial and natural light.

Desert Sand contains special texture additives which create a pattern of sand blown by wind during paint application. The product is used for indoor walls and ceilings.