Luxury Walls

Luxury wall decorations

Bespoke wall decorations such as Stucco, Venetian style plaster and many other decorative textures using natural materials all create a completely different effect. Venetian style Plaster for example resembles the coldness of old plaster and this texture is a perfect idea for those looking for an exclusive, individual and stylish solution for their interior.


You can choose from many different types of walls decorations suitable for any room, staircase or even bathroom.


Learn more by contacting me by phone or email, and I will pay you a personal visit with all the details and you will be able to see these decorations close up from original samples.

Decorative wall textures create an individual and unique character within the interior. Decorating rooms by utilising the whole surface of walls or part sections can make an interior special and can be a new and original way to renew your premises. While choosing decorative systems it is worth thinking over their use, take a closer look at their appearance and the impression they make, so that the final effect meets with your expectations.

A handmade wall texture from Venetian plaster to concrete effect is a perfect idea for those who are looking for an unusual, individual solution for their interior. Not only does it give an unusual character to wall surfaces (each one handmade!) but also contributes to interior personalization, bringing an added value to design and to your premises.