Spring time

Spring around your house 

Spring time around your house

Spring is the perfect time to revisit your appliances, lighting and other essentials that may need replacing or fixing. If it's time for an upgrade, consider energy-efficient options to help reduce waste and lower your bills. Its best time to fix board in old decking and apply new coat of stain, paint or water repellent, re-paint exterior walls, fix or replace rotten part of timber, clean the gutters or take care of your garden.

Some of them better to be done by trader like me (hopefully I will can help you soon), electrician or gas engineer, but some of them you should be able to complete yourself. Believe in yourself, but keep in mind - be carefull - BE SAFE.

If youll need some advice, please dont hesitate contact me via email remik@adamhandyman.co.uk or through contact form on my website below. Every week You will find there new advices about it as well.


Give the deck and fence some attention.

Check the deck and fence for signs of water stains, discoloration and warping. Look for rusty or loose nails, and make sure the railings and stairs are safely secured. Replace rotting or lifting boards.

If need -  give it a coat of stain or water repellent. Or minimum wash it - best with pressure wash, but simle swipe dirt and use garden hose will be better than nothing. 

One of the essential Spring maintenance tasks is to give your deck a sprucing up. Smart homeowners provide their deck regular maintenance even if the wood is pressure treated.

Repair and reseal woodwork.

In addition to the deck, you'll also want to focus on wooden fences, railings and trellises if you have them. It’s important to give these wood structures some TLC as they are prone to rot and decay so it’s a good idea to learn

Gutters. Are your gutters clean?

Making sure your home’s gutters are clear can help prevent ice dams from building up, so when spring comes, rain has a safe route to run off your home.

Clear all leaves and debris out of the gutters and downspouts. If they're sagging, reattach the gutters, or replace them with new hardware. Use caulking to seal holes and prevent leaking. Make sure downspouts face away from the foundation of your home for proper draining.

Inspect the basement and attic.

Check the walls and floors for water stains, mold and leaks. Remove unwanted moisture that can lead to mold issues or serious water damage.

Open the windows. Its simple:)

With the welcoming warmth of fresh spring breezes, you might be inclined to do this regardless. Opening the windows is also an effective way to naturally aerate your home and may improve air quality. Take this opportunity to wipe down the interior of the window sills as they have most likely collected dust, dirt and mold over the winter months.

Check exterior walls/woodwork if there are not peeled paint/cracks or holes. Paint is not only there to make your home look beautiful. It is applied to protect the wood that your home is constructed of. When the paint fails, which becomes pretty evident as it flakes and chips away, it leaves the wood underneath exposed to the elements.

Fortunately, touching up small areas with paint is not too difficult. You may notice the most damage around your windows and doors. Take the time to prep the area properly by removing the old paint, treat and fill up,  then apply a fresh coat.

You may find some damage while prepping your home for spring. If you will have got any questions or need assist, please dont hesitate contact me.