About me

About me 

Since early learning I was quiet bright throughout school. However I was probably the most boring :)

You can make your own judgement from the photo below:

Since the age of 16, I’ve had the opportunity to explore and work different sectors of the market. This gave me a great chance at gaining my work experience widely, however also offered me many different points of view.

I learnt how to work with timber in a carpentry factory, also how to use a brush or roller. I’ve had to pleasure to contact clients being a Business Sale Representative as well, which involved me taking care of clients in carpentry, then the bakery industry.

Thereafter, as a part of a recruitment company, my responsibilities included scouting and contacting people on both sides of the table. This experience enabled me to have knowledge on coordination of current, bigger projects, where subcontractors are required, such as gas qualified plumbers or electricians.

All of the above experience has guided me into where I am now. A few years ago I started helping my friends with ‘little updates’ to their homes and there in the moment fell in love with these activities. Know I have found my treasure and I know where I belong.

Just to assure, one of my main business values is to complete all projects and services with a high standard however also to achieve this safely. I have finished many courses, which include: Plastering, Health and Safety, Plumbing (City & Guilt) and still, constantly developing my knowledge.

With every consultation, i try to help my clients by examining their space and suggesting a solution which will suit their needs best. With its many new trends within the building industry, there are endless solutions which invite new opportunities for your space.

As a member of The Association of Certified Handymen Professionals and recommend by myBuilder.com I am a quality local Handyman Service. I enjoy bringing happiness to individuals by making their spaces and projects personal. This brings pride to my company.

In today’s economy, it is worth to spread the word: To know the handyman you can call, can not only be trusted to provide you with an outstanding service at a price you can afford, but also to be able to DEPEND on him. Most individuals today live life following busy schedules.

When YOU need a HANDYMAN who is dependable, trustworthy, and reasonable, please contact Adam Handyman today.
Your call would follow a consultation date where i come and asses you space and the price. Thereafter we would arrange the dates for the project. Don’t hesitate to call me now for a FREE estimate!!