General plumbing

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General plumbing

It starts with a leak, a drip or even a small puddle. Unfortunately, it can rapidly advance from minor problem to major catastrophe.omes to taking care of your home.

Most of  bathroom fixtures including sinks and vanities, toilets, tubs and showers can all be handled by a knowledgeable handyman. I am here to help you.

Im not Gas Safety  Register, but I can recommend my friend  which is fully quallified plumber, and we can halp you with  many problems.

Bathroom Repair & Remodeling

When things break in the bathroom, simple tasks like bathing and cleaning become more of a hassle than they need be.

Bathroom remodeling, though, can be an intensive project for many homeowners, especially depending on the extent of the remodeling job. It could be that you’d like your tile replaced, a new shower installed, a new sink and toilet added, shelving installed, or walls painted.

Tap Repair

Malfunctioning faucets are a common problem that occur in kitchens, bathrooms, and with outdoor spigots. Faucets can be intricate fixtures, and repairing and replacing them can be a complex matter.

Cost of replace tap: starts from 50£

Sink Installation & Repair

A new sink can change an atmosphere of an entire room. But  installing one can be tricky and time consuming.

Cost of  sink install.: starts from 150£

Toilet Installation & Repairs

Toilet issues are an unfortunate and unpleasant part of being a homeowner. A broken or malfunctioning toilet can render your bathroom practically unusable, which can make being at home difficult and problematic for family and guests.

Cost of   WC install: starts from 150£